Writing Resumes for Online Databases

The Internet has opened new vistas of career advancement opportunities, hitherto unimaginable. Yet many people complain that they are yet to experience the much-hyped benefits of online job search. Of course, it is hard for anyone to really benefit from the career advancement opportunities that the Internet offers if one doesn’t have the right tools to tap into those opportunities. And one of the indispensable tools one needs if they are to tap into the wealth of career advancement opportunities afforded by the Internet is a good resume for online databases. To help you acquire this crucial tool then, here are some tips for writing successful resumes for online databases from top resume writing service Devmyresume.com.

  1. Choose the right keywords. This is the ultimate key to success with resumes for online databases. And however good your resume may be in other respects, if it fails in terms of keyword choice, then it is ultimately bound to be a flop. This is because when employers search for employees in online resume databases, they do so through keywords that reflect the kind of person they are looking for. Thus for example, someone looking for a systems administrator might enter a search for the term ‘computer support staff’ or ‘computer technician’ or simply for ‘A+.’ On the other hand, a person searching for a marketing manager may do a search on ‘business development manager’ and whereas a person looking for a human resource manager might enter ‘personnel manager’ – it is all a matter of semantics. Now the first resumes to appear under the chosen term (usually the one’s that are most keyword rich) are likely to be the only ones considered, not necessarily because they are the most qualified, but because they are the most prominent. Thus you need to consider the keywords along which you want your online resume to be considered carefully, and ensure that they include all the alternative names for your profession and the job you are searching for.
  2. Keep it Brief and concise. Remember that unlike a traditional resume which is viewed on printed paper, an online resume is likely to be viewed on a computer screen, and nobody likes to stare at a computer screen for too long or too keenly. Moreover, keep it in mind that your online resume is meant for reading over the Internet, a medium which has come to be associated with instant gratification. Therefore, you need to present your strengths in the online resume in such a way that they easily stand out. This way, the readers are able to glean all the information they are looking for through a quick scan, hence attaining the goal of instant gratification.
  3. Choose the right online resume database. Your choice of an online resume database could also determine the attention your resume gets, and ultimately, its success. As it were, some of these databases are much more prominent than others, and thus the resumes posted there receive more attention than resumes posted elsewhere. Ensure that your resume is in the right database. Better still, you might consider putting your resume in a variety of online resume databases – which doesn’t really take a lot. This way, you increase the odds of its getting the attention of as many potential employers as possible.

With aid of an online resume based on these tips, you stand a better chance to benefit from the numerous career advancement opportunities that the power of the Internet has made available.